Hydromatic Engineering

“Hydromatic Engineering Pty Ltd design and manufacture equipment for strata control in underground mining and tunneling applications. The nature of these applications is a harsh and corrosive environment.

“I am able to give this testimonial as LanoProtect Lanolin Products have proven themselves to be very effective products. All equipment built by us is coated with the spray and all export equipment is coated with the grease as a rust inhibitor. Previously we coated our equipment with other products and found them unable to inhibit corrosion effectively. Our branch in the UK continually complained about the amount of surface rust present after shipping by sea. Woolube Lanolin Products have eliminated these complaints and our customers are very pleased with the results.

“Hydromatic employees have used LanoProtect Lanolin Products samples for various applications such as finishing outdoor furniture, rejuvenating rubber seals on cars, outboard motors and fishing gear. The results have been very good and I am pleased to recommend this excellent product.”

Supply Manager
Hydromatic Engineering Pty Ltd.


“Wearalloys Pty Ltd manufacture and supply wear resistant products to industries such as materials handling, steel manufacturing, general engineering and mining. Previously we have experienced difficulty in finding a suitable and cost effective product to prevent corrosion to products either in storage or transit.

“Over the last twelve months we have experienced great success with the use of LanoProtect Lanolin products. The spray has proven to give excellent protection over long and short term against corrosion. We have also found it to be an excellent anti-spatter with good surface wetting abilities and no negative effect to weld finish. The heat generated by the weld appears to cause the LanoProtect Lanolin to penetrate into the surface offering long lasting protection. LanoProtect Grease is very effective as a MIG nozzle dip offering cost savings over other products. We have also on several occasions used LanoProtect Lanolin products as lubricants and anti-seize with great results.

“LanoProtect Lanolin products have shown cost savings and increases in efficiency in our workshop environment. I feel its versatility would show similar results in any application. It would be with no hesitation to recommend the products to any industrial or commercial company.

General Manager
Wearalloys Pty Ltd

Ian Henderson – Marine

“Just a short note to thank you for recommending LanoProtect Marine for use on our boats. We have been using LanoProtect Marine on our 16ft Skiff “TOOHEYS NEW” throughout the sailing season and have found it was great for spraying on mast tracks, freeing up blocks and jib tracks.

“We have also used LanoProtect on the hull, centre board and rudder, it prevents any muck in the water such as oil sticking to the hull and makes the boat slippery through the water. On the boat trailer, I have used it on the tow ball fitting, trailer lock and jockey wheel.

“I have also used LanoProtect on my Young 780 Trailer Sailor on tracks and blocks that are always out in the weather.

“I have found LanoProtect to be very versatile and reliable product for maintaining fittings so achieve the full potential of the equipment.

Ian Henderson (Nipper)

Hookes Creek Forest Resort

“Hookes Creek Forest Resort caters for horse riders twice a day, seven days a week. As a result, our saddles and tack are constantly in use. We have tried various other protective products and upon trying LanoProtect Lanolin products, were very impressed with its long lasting performance.

The trigger bottle was first used, covering all of our saddles making the old leather soft again. The grease is now being used; it also seems to be going a long way making it good value for money.

“Being an Ecotourism Resort, it is important to us that the products we use are ecologically sound and at the same time cover our needs; which is giving us superior protection for our gear.

Terry Grady
Hookes Creek Forest Resort

Australian Temporary Fencing

“Our company has been using LanoProtect to condition our clamps and bolts before our fence goes out on site. Our contract periods can vary between one week and many years, but the average a fence is on site is for six months. We have found that since using LanoProtect, our clamps are easily removed and our breakages are virtually non-existent.

“An example of the difference LanoProtect has made to our product is a fence that was hired out for seven months to The Esplanade, Newcastle. Usually, with the sea conditions, after an extended period such as this we return to remove the fence and find the clamps rusted and bolts broken or else the need to cut them off with the oxy-cutter to disassemble the fencing. At this site, however, the clamps had not rusted and were removed easily.

“Customers are quick to complain if they purchase a product they feel doesn’t perform as promised but rarely comment on those that do. Therefore we are pleased to compliment LanoProtect and thank you for your ongoing and superior service.”

Raymond Steele
Australian Temporary Fencing Pty Ltd

Carwash Technical Services

“Just a short note to congratulate you on your LanoProtect range of lanolin products.
“As you know, my business is involved with servicing the carwash industry in NSW, QLD and the Northern Territory which includes the Car lovers Carwash Franchisees. I perform installations and general maintenance and repairs on all types of car washes. Rust and corrosion are a major issue so I need a reliable protection and lubricant.

“Over the past five years I have used your product mainly on the Car lovers Carwash Laser Wash. We use the aerosol can (for convenience) on all steel structures, motors and gearboxes, any steel couplings, high pressure fittings, and especially on cadmium plated fittings.

Car lovers are very environmentally conscious so LanoProtect is the obvious choice because of its non-toxic qualities.

We have tried all the competitors petroleum based products and LanoProtect beats them all hands down. It doesn’t evaporate or wash off, therefore proving itself to be good value for money.

Thanks for a great product, you can be sure of our continued use for years to come.

Erick MeVicker
Carwash Technical Services

Grasslands Fertilizer Plant, Cork

Grassland Agro has three industrial fertilizer plants in Limerick, Cork and Slane
with the head office based in Ballymount in Dublin.
Grassland Agro produces and sell the complete range of conventional
commodity fertilizers as well as the most comprehensive range of speciality
fertilizer and soil conditioning products. In addition Grassland Agro sells a full
range of animal mineral blocks as well as bio stimulants.

During the manufacturing of the various fertilizers we produce, we were
experiencing failures very regularly due to Rust ingression. This is primarily as
a result of the highly corrosive manufacturing environment of fertilizer plants.
Since introducing LanoProtect to our ongoing and annual maintenance
schedule we have greatly reduced the amount of unscheduled stoppages
during our production runs, we have enhanced the life of our manufacturing
equipment and we do not need to use expensive speciality lubes any more that
are not eco friendly or food grade approved.

Sandy Marshall
Maintenance Manager

North Sea Off Shore Lanoprotect Applications

The test conducted was on a Diamond screw on a TMS (Tether Management System)
and works as a leverwind for the tether to be layer properly on the tether
drum. We have been using several types of grease but none of them ever stayed
on the screw long enough for more than a few days and all are very expensive.
We made test using LanoProtect as an eco friendly alternative and when it is
time for the next service (weekly basis) almost half of the grease is still there,
which is very impressive!
We also have to take into consideration how much the TMS is used. We do inspection
work frequently and very often go to depths of 200-300m and more, in
and out all the time. Other crews doing construction work do not use the TMS
nearly as much as we do.
In addition we use LanoProtect extensively around the ship for general
maintenance and protection (Winches, Hinges, Hatches, Electrics Protection,
Corrosion Protection, Rubber seals etc) and have also found it to be an excellent
chain and wire rope lube and protectant.
We are very pleased with LanoProtect’s performance characteristics. We have
reduced our consumption of grease used and we are now using a superior
product costing less than the lubes we were using previously. Above all we are
using a product that is very versatile in
so far as it is both lubricating and
protecting from corrosion that is also
kind to the environment!

Jan B. Olsen
ROV Supervisor

Off-Shore Turbine Construction and Maintenance-RWE

Overall LanoProtect is used for both the construction of wind turbines on site
and also their on-going maintenance.
LanoProtect is used on all areas that will be subjected to precipitation and sea
water swell/wash.
LanoProtect is used as a general lubricant, corrosion protectant and anti
splatter grease/cutting/grinding aid.
RWE find LanoProtect very good due to long term protection/Lubrication
performance and lack of environmental impact. The fact that LanoProtect is
Eco-Friendly is also a very important reason for use.
Some RWE Applications where LanoProtect is used…
• Lubricant and Protectant for Inertia Reel pulleys, bearings and wire
• Corrosion protection on the Gantry Davit Crane fixing bolts
• Grease/Protectant for leveling bolts between the foundation Monopile
and Transition Piece, which will be submerged at High tide. RWE wish
to be comfortable the product they use will not wash away and offers
long term protection, with minimal environmental impact. There is a 5
mtr differential between low and high tide.
• Lubricant for Hinges and hatches on all access points on a foundation
making it easier to gain access
• LanoProtect is also used externally to protect bolt
threads and exposed metals in the harsh offshore

Bruce Harrison
Site Support Engineer

Solids Technology, Ireland

Solids Technology International Ltd is a market leader in the field of
environmental protection and preservation, with a large client base spreading
Over 30 Years Experience
Established in 1979 in Dublin, Ireland, Solids Technology International Ltd
strives to develop new and innovative ideas for the water and wastewater
Solids Technology has over 600 Reference Sites Worldwide
We were experiencing significant issues with Rust appearing on Bearing
Housings during transportation of our plants by sea to all areas of the world .
Since introducing LanoProtect into our preparation for shipping process we
have not experienced any further issues. In addition we are pleased that such
an effective long lasting product is also eco-friendly.

Eamonn O’ Donovan
Production Manager