Lanoprotect Lanolin Grease

LanoProtect Grease is a thick tacky environmentally friendly, biodegradable, non toxic
grease with high load and excellent coefficient of friction capabilities that will not wash out
under most conditions, from underwater to general usage. LanoProtect Grease will provide
excellent results as an anti-corrosive, thread anti-seize and general lubricant. LanoProtect
Grease is also used where heavier protection / rejuvenation is required, just simply melt
grease (if required) and apply with a paintbrush or roller to achieve the famous LanoProtect
long term protection without all those nasty toxic chemicals widely used in today’s industries
that are harmful to user and our precious environment.

Please note: Not recommended on a high speed bearings without a seal containment.

Lanoprotect Liquid lanolin

A sprayable form of the famous Lanolin Grease, which leaves a non‐drying liquid
film that does not evaporate or wash off. The film left by LanoProtect is your
protection barrier against oxidation and corrosion and with the films resistance to
acidic and alkaline solutions you can count on LanoProtect to do exactly that.
LanoProtect is also a superb general purpose lubricant and penetrant as well as
operating as a water dispersant you will not be able to find a product that
provides such a large range of properties for a multitude of applications whether
that is for metal, timber, rubber, plastic or leather.

Lanoprotect 400ml Aerosol

LanoProtect liquid lanolin packaged in an easy to use 400ml aerosol can, allowing
you to get right into those tight areas such as locks and hinges that always prove
difficult to lubricate and protect. The LanoProtect aerosol can contains lanolin
grease and a specifically formulated solvent carrier, this carrier enhances water
dispersing and penetrating properties of protect whilst allowing the grease to
remain suspended ensuring an evenly dispersed film of lanolin.

Lanoprotect Liquid Lanolin

LanoProtect liquid lanolin is packaged in a 750ml trigger gun that can be refilled from a 5Ltr,
20Ltr and 200Ltr drums. The trigger mechanism on the 750ml is constructed using viton
seals ensuring long life under any conditions. LanoProtect Liquid Lanolin will provide the
same features and benefits as the aerosol can version, however in its liquid form,
LanoProtect has been strengthened with double the lanolin providing a heavier film for
better lubrication and protection.

High Voltage Testing

Testing of the Lanolin Products has achieved a voltage rating of 70,000 Volts. Testing
of Lanolin Products was conducted by Energex Limited the energy supplier to South
East Queensland, Australia. All high voltage testing was conducted in a controlled
laboratory environment.

Test Method

Dry Leakage Test

A suitable length of fiberglass rod (approx 700mm long) was cleaned of any surface
contaminants with alcohol. The fiberglass rod was placed on the testing frame with
70,000 Volts applied to both ends with the centre earthed for one minute. The
standing leakage current was measured and recorded.
The liquid lanolin product was applied by spraying onto the fiberglass rod and
allowing 1 minute drying time before the rod was placed onto the testing frame.

Wet Leakage Test

Immediately after each of the dry leakage tests, water was sprayed onto the surface
of the fiberglass rod and allowed to drip for 1 minute. The test voltage was then
increased until reaching 70,000 Volts.

So what does this mean?

Well this testing assures you that Lanolin Products are safe to use on electrical
equipment with up to 70,000 Volts. This means products are safe to spray on
electrical motors, wiring, switching equipment, antennas and aerials, battery
terminals and connections for the purpose of protecting them from fusing corrosion
or shorting out from moisture contamination.
Please remember to turn off all electrical equipment before applying LanoProtect
Lanolin Products.

Do not apply product to live electrical equipment.

Flash Point Approval

Flash Point Approval has been granted to the range of The Lanolin Products in
accordance with Australian Standards AS2106.2:1999, using the Pensky‐Martens

Flash Point approval testing of the Lanolin Products was conducted and a confined
spaces approval has been granted by the Department of Mineral Resources Mine
Safety Laboratory of New South Wales to Australian Standards AS2106.2:1999 in a
controlled laboratory environment.

The Department of Mineral Resources has also assessed the Material Safety Data
Sheets (MSDS) of the Liquid Lanolin product, approval has also been granted as all
MSDS are compiled to the criteria of Worksafe Australia guidelines.
Flash Point

Testing has been undertaken to ensure the Lanolin products are safe to use in the mining
industry for both Open Cut and Underground operations.