Steve Redmond says Lanoprotect is UNBELIEVABLE STUFF!

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Steve Redmond, Irelands very own Oceans 7 Swim Challenger recently called to see us at LanoProtect.

Steve wanted to tell us personally how delighted he is to use LanoProtect and also how superior LanoProtect is to help long distance swimmers go the distance. In Steve’s own words, ‘The stuff is unbelievable, LanoProtect is kind to my body, won’t wash off during a swim and will protect my body from chaffing from the start of a long swim right through to the finish’

Steve is a world record holder for long distance swimming and is the first man to ever complete the Oceans 7 swim challenge.

LanoProtect is very proud that a swimmer of Steve’s calibre is so positive towards LanoProtect and we would like to wish Steve the very best for his next swimming challenge, to swim from Ireland to Wales.

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